African Dream

to help small entrepreneurs establish themselves and advertise their talents
The average of the African population 19.7 years …
Africa has 22% new startups – highest in the world …
57% have no bank accounts …
95% trade is made in cash …
650 million smartphone users in Africa.

o p p o r t u n i t y

Small entrepreneurs have limited opportunities to expose their
products to the global market.
Imagine an digital facility that:
Helps you create an physical address with an accuracy of 3 x 3 meters.
A roaming facility to keep track of your movements.
Help you to open a bank account.
gives you scanning facilities to except credit card payments.
Brand, Advertise, Market and Sells your product globally.
Incorporate Invoicing, Freight, Customs, Duties plus all Accounting.
Handels all shipping from roadside to high street.
All with the e-tribe Application and e-tribe Website.

a p p l i c a t i o n

The entrepreneur logs in to the e-tribe app to market his products on the e-tribe website.
The app offers:
Helps to create marketing and primatial material.
Helps advertising your product.
Places the products on the e-tribe website.
Customers places order and pays deposit to the app.
App Places the order with you.
App picks up product for delivery.
Pays you on pickup.
Delivers product to client.
A seamless safe transaction and payment.

w e b s i t e

Small entrepreneurs joins the website to create their own identity to promote products globally
From the roadside to the high street
The website offers:
Personal profile and logo.
Create personal product branding.
Advertise products across social media.
Markets the brand the product.
Handels invoices and payments.
Organise duties and VAT
Takes care of accounts.

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